The possibilities are endless with the Eclipse™ II

Thanks to Professional Instant Shelters® like the Eclipse™ II, your company can reach new heights. This may seem like a strange notion at first. After all, a portable shelter can not find leads, make contacts or close deals. However, what it can do is provide the shade your staff needs to accomplish these tasks and drive your company to success.

Corporate events held outdoors, such as certain trade shows, conferences or exhibitions, require your employees to remain professional and attentive, despite the blazing hot temperatures and glaring sun. Unfortunately, many have difficulty doing this and, as a result, their work and the company suffers. With the help of the Eclipse™ II, staff members can stay out of the sun and perform to the best of their ability.

What makes E-Z UP® Instant Shelters® truly remarkable, however, is that they can be customized with just about any word or image a company wants. This can put a business head and shoulders above the competition and stand out in the minds’ of clients. The in-house graphics department at E-Z UP works to ensure the perfect custom graphic is achieved and printed perfectly on the Eclipse™ II.

This attention grabbing portable shelter cannot only keep your staff cool, comfortable and professional, when customized, it can drive customers and build business branding.