The Eclipse™ II can protect your staff from the sun

It’s no secret that the sun can cause a great deal of damage to the skin and other harmful health effects. In fact, overexposure to the sun can increase your chances of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer, premature skin aging, immune system suppression and eye damage such as cataracts, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

However, if your company is like many others, every once in awhile your staff is required to work long hours outside. Whether it’s at an outdoor trade show, conference, exhibition or other corporate event, when employees have to spend this much time outside, they are at risk of overexposure to UV rays. Consider protecting them at the next event with a Professional Instant Shelter® like the Eclipse™ II.

E-Z UP® Instant Shelters® can be taken along to any outdoor event to provide protection from the sun. These shelters can offer shade to employees, so they will not have to face the harmful UV rays throughout the entire event. Not only is it bad for their health, being in the sun without the Eclipse™ II can prevent them from being able to perform their best and maintain the utmost professionalism during corporate affairs.

Professional Instant Shelters® like the Eclipse™ II can keep every staff member cool, comfortable and safe.