Is your company selling merchandise at an outdoor event?

Whether selling goods at a fair, festival, concert, trade show or other corporate event, your company will need some form of shelter if it is outside. No one will want to purchase event t-shirts or other souvenirs if they have faded or started to look tattered in the sun. For this reason, your company may want to consider incorporating Professional Instant Shelters® into your business model.

Providing merchandise at these events can be a lucrative business decision to make, but your company must find a way to protect its goods and grab potential customer's attention. Fortunately, Instant Shelters® such as the Eclipse™ II can help you accomplish both of these important tasks. 

A business or vendor may want to place its goods under Professional Instant Shelters® because not only can they keep the items in pristine condition to sell, they will also protect staff from the hot sun. Furthermore, these attention grabbing portable shelters can be customized to feature your company's name or logo, or a description of the products you're selling, helping to drive customers and boost business branding.